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Thursday, July 5, 2007

CASANEGRA appearances & GOOD HOUSE movie news

Hello, readers---
I hope everyone had a restful 4th of July! My husband, son and I stayed close to home and had great fun.

**There is MOVIE NEWS for THE GOOD HOUSE. The paperwork is finally signed--Steve and I sold our screenplay version to a studio, and it is now officially in development. I can't divulge details yet, but it will be a very exciting announcement. (And I hope it will have a ripple effect on the delayed film version of MY SOUL TO KEEP, which is still in development after several years...Keep your fingers crossed!) News in coming weeks.

**I couldn't be more excited about the positive feedback on CASANEGRA, the new erotic mystery novel I co-authored with my husband, Steven Barnes, and actor Blair Underwood. If you have read CASANEGRA and enjoyed it, please don't keep it a secret: Please tell your friends, and post reviews on and/or Those reviews make a big difference to potential readers.

**CASANEGRA has been getting amazing attention. In addition to July's Essence Book Club, you may have seen the story with Blair's photo leading the Life section of USA TODAY last Thursday, 6/28. (If you missed it, here's the URL:

**Monday, Blair Steve and I were interviewed on NPR's "News & Notes," with host Farai Chideya. In case you missed it, you can listen to the interview here:
There is also a nice photo of the three of us at the radio station, as well as a book excerpt.

Now, the television blitz begins.

**Thursday, July 5, Blair will appear on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.

**Monday, July 9, Blair will appear on EXTRA.

**Sunday, July 15, Blair will appear on the Weekend TODAY show on NBC.

**Monday, July 16, Blair will appear on REGIS & KELLY on NBC.

**LIVE APPEARANCES: For those of you in NEW ORLEANS, Blair will also appear at the ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL, which runs today through this weekend. (He's working double-duty for Atria Books and HBO, where he is co-starring in a new series called "In Treatment," with Gabriel Byrne.)

**Also, Blair is appearing solo at Hue-Man Books in NEW YORK (Harlem), Monday, July 16. If you live nearby, please contact the store for details.

**All three of us will be doing at least one appearance in LOS ANGELES this summer, but the date has not been set. I will update you when I have more information, since joint appearances are rare.

**I will be making a solo appearance in DALLAS in late August, and Steve and I will make a joint appearance in OAKLAND on Sunday, October 28th. I will post more details about those appearances soon.

Thanks so much for your support! Now I have to get back to working on my sequel to THE LIVING BLOOD, which is tentatively entitled THE COLONY. Almost done!


BGunn said...
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BGunn said...
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BGunn said...

Only two choices for leading role in My Soul to Keep: Gabrielle Union or Sanaa Lathan. I would also cast the youngest of Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls as Kira. This movie must be made. I just finished My Soul to Keep and was so thrilled when my husband told me the movie was in in the production stage. Please hurry!!!!! I can hardly wait to see the pages come to life. In the meantime, I have started reading The Living Blood and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. You are just the best storyteller.
UPDATE: Just read all the fuss about Casanegra. I hope this isn't a panacea for the movie you were/are making on your novel My Soul To Keep. I'm sure sex and violence has greater Hollywood appeal, but if we don't push the envelope on the range of movies made by and about us--- then who?
Betty Reedy Gunn

Demon Hunter said...

Great news, Tananarive!:*) I cannot wait to see all of the films, as I am re-reading all of the novels! I cannot wait to read THE COLONY and see the GOOD HOUSE. Hollywood really needs to get on with it and release MY SOUL TO KEEP! :*)

Anonymous said...

Casanegra. Interesting (USA Today). A mingling of Zane and Mosely should stir things up. It good to read and not miss a scene, but I'm not giving up on audio. I know there's too, a peace for the calming. I hope to see one day the movie "My Soul to Keep."