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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Coming soon...BLOOD COLONY!

Hello, faithful readers...

I am excited to announce that my new solo novel, BLOOD COLONY, will be published by Atria Books in June of 2008. I am unveiling the mock book cover here so you can get a glimpse of what is to come... Soon after the first of the year, I will post an exclusive excerpt.

Here is a larger image of the proposed cover (which is subject to change before publication):

I don't usually post book covers this early, but this one is so striking that I wanted to share it. BLOOD COLONY continues the journey of my immortals---Dawit, Jessica, Lucas Shepard and Fana---as they strive to use their Living Blood to heal. But it's not as simple as it sounds: Something as miraculous as this Blood was bound to draw unwanted attention, and so it does... Fana is 17 in this story, so BLOOD COLONY takes place in the year 2015, making it my first near-future novel.

That's all I'll say for now. As I said, I will post more about this book later. But I wanted to share the cover with you right away!

ONE NOTE: As you shop this holiday season, please remember to support your black and independent bookstores. It may be less convenient and a few more dollars, no doubt, but we can't complain about the loss of our institutions if we're not willing to support them.

Happy Holidays!

Best, Tananarive


Demon Hunter said...

This is sooo amazing!! I cannot wait to read it! It took me a while to get all of your books in hardcover (Well, at least THE BETWEEN, MY SOUL TO KEEP, and THE LIVING BLOOD---at an independent book store, no less).

I bought THE GOOD HOUSE and JOPLIN'S GHOST when they first came out. Will you be having a contest? I'm not being cheap, but I would love to win an ARC---signed, since none of my other books are signed. :*( Congratulations on your book coming out! I look forward to reading it!

write said...

Great news - I can't wait to get this book, Tananarive.

Thanks for the updates - and I hope you do a Florida swing on this tour.

angela said...

I'm so excited! My friend and I love all of your books. I'm looking forward to the great read, I just love Dawit

Blah Blah Blah said...

...this is going to be awesome. I know it before reading it.
Thank you.