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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fear Itself: A Breath of Hope from Israel

The next few weeks will be rough.

As a former journalist, a political observer and an Obama supporter, it's going to be hard to watch the news, listen to the radio and read blogs between now and Nov. 4, especially if the rhetoric trying to cast Barack Obama as a "terrorist" (read: The Other) keeps getting ratcheted up. I'm disappointed, but I'm not surprised.

Even with every poll indicating that voters have more pressing things on their minds, there are those in the opposition who want to traffic in fear. After all, fear is the easiest emotion of all to manipulate.

"Kill him!"



And, thus far, so few admonitions of, "There there, let us keep our decorum and remember that we are all good Americans."

As a nation, I'm afraid we're about to stare ourselves in the mirror...and we're not going to like everything we're about to see.

But in the end, I am certain, fear will not prevail. That was something Barack Obama must have believed when he set out on his unlikely journey to the White House, and I believe it even more strongly than ever today.

But there will be bumps on the road to Election Day.

Israel knows a thing or two about bumps along the way.

At a time when cynics within our political system would fan the flames of fear in the hopes of winning votes, it's so nice to get this breath of fresh air from across the sea...

This video inspires me to keep working. Make more phone calls. Talk to more neighbors. Vote early.

I'll take hope over fear any day.

1 comment:

Demon Hunter said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have never lost hope during this election and I won't. :-)