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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VIDEO: Book trailer for MY SOUL TO TAKE (Sept. 6)

   What happens when you combine a giddy author fresh from Hollywood with an iPhone video camera?  A book trailer on a shoestring budget!  (In fact, all it cost me was time and a 1.99 iPhone app called 8mm Vintage Camera that creates neat vintage film effects.)

   This is a trailer for My Soul to Take (Washington Square Press / Sept. 6).  Fans of my African Immortals series will recognize the Underground Railroad and Glow from its predecessor, Blood Colony.  Many readers will recognize the characters of Dawit and Jessica from the first books in the series, My Soul to Keep and The Living Blood.

     But for you newbies:  Glow is a healing compound derived from the blood of immortals, although most people who traffic in it don't know its origins.  All they know is that it can heal anything, and the government is determined to shut down its distribution.

    In My Soul to Take, my immortal teenager, Fana, and her Glow network will learn exactly how powerful the forces against Glow really are--and how close they have brushed to the end of the world.

    Here's the trailer.  Hope you like it!  And travel safely, Glow healers.



saraphen said...

How cool is that!!

I pre-ordered mine.

Janbo said...

Liked this a lot because it's so different from most book trailers I've seen this year (all flashing colors and dramatic music, feh!), and it "sells" the book in a way that's directly connected to the story itself. Thanks for making it and posting it!

Anonymous said...


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